Q: How long should I hold onto an account before it's turned for collection?

A: Your company/office policy should decide this.  Remember the faster you turn an account over for collection the faster you'll get paid.


Q: Am I required to tell the debtor before an account is turned for collection?

A: NO. By this time the debtor has had plenty of notices.


Q: How do I respond if the debtor contacts our office after the bill has been listed for collection?

A: The debtor is probably responding to the validation letter, which is the 1st letter we send.  Simply advise the debtor to contact CBS Collections at the phone number on the letter and we will take it from there.


Q: How long does it usually take to collect my account?

A: How soon a debt is collected depends on different factors.  What type of collection and the amount of the debt are just a few.  Be assured we work very hard to get you a quick recovery.  You've entrusted us with your "bad debt" accounts and we take that very seriously.


Q: Do you sue?

A: Yes.


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